Inolav is a dedicated and passionate company that manufactures high quality bath furniture and fixtures. Our product selection includes bathroom vanities, basins, counter tops, faucets, drains, mirrors and accessories. Inolav accounts for many years of experience among its founders and designers. People that care and take pride in what they do. The plan was to create a company that was different from the rest. A place where engineers, designers, and workers come together in perfect harmony. Using its outstanding facilities, covering an area of 250,000 square meters, Inolav strives to be one of the leading providers of domestic bath products in United States.




Inolav was built under the philosophy that a design must be beautiful but it must also be functional. In order to achieve this, we have dedicated a team of in house designers and engineers to bring you the latest trends and designs in the industry. From the raw materials to the finishing process, Inolav takes care of every aspect in the elaboration of our products. We believe that no detail is too small and shall not be overlooked. At Inolav we spare no efforts in obtaining the latest technology and procedures that allows us to create consistent high quality at all times. We do not take shortcuts to get to the finish line, instead we believe in hard work and making things the right way.



Inolav is inspired by beauty. We explore timeless design concepts encountered in nature and fine architectural achievements, and adapt them to the bathroom environment. This allow us to create styles that capture the best of many generations of great designs. We find the perfect marriage of function and contemporary elegance. Our products are the reflection of our careful, thoughtful, and patient approach.


At Inolav, luxury and high quality does not come with a hefty price tag. We make sure that our prices are always fair and competitive with superior quality. Our goal is to ensure the full satisfaction of the end consumer. Inolav products are available online and at many retailers in South Florida. We invite you to see our products with your own eyes and hope to help you in your next bathroom remodeling project.

A design must be beautiful,
but it must also be functional.